miércoles, 15 de julio de 2015

blythe Urban Cowgirl #42 ADOPTED

Hola otra vez :) 
esta niña es mi custom # 42 , es una blythe Urban Cowgirl !
ella lleva todos los cambios hechos , viajara con un cuerpo licca , en su caja y con su stand ! llevara un vestido para que no vaya desnuda ^_^  tiene dos pares de chips hecho por mi , unos de Puppelina y unos de serie especiales !
no es perfecta ella esta hecha a mano, con mucho cariño y esmero !!!!
su precio  !!
envio a España 10 € , Europa 20€ y resto del mundo 30 €
si estas interesad@ escribirme a este correo :

no acepto pago a plazos !!!  no se admiten devoluciones  !!! por favor solo personas interesadas y serias , muchas gracias !!!!

muchas gracias ^___^

Hello again:) this girl is my custom * 42, is a blythe Urban Cowgirl! She takes all the made changes, he was travelling with a body licca, in his box and with his stand! It was taking a garment in order that it does not go undress ^ _ ^ it has two couples of chips done for my, some of Puppelina and some of series special! There is not perfect this handmade she, with very much fondness and conscientiousness!!!!

His price!! Sending to Spain 10 €, Europe 20 € and rest of the world 30 € if to me be interested in writing these to this mail:

I do not accept payment by installments!!! Returns are not admitted!!! Please only interested and serious person!

 thank you very much!!!!